In 2015 a great opportunity came to Milton and Yvonne. Dr. Carl McKenney called and said he was thinking about dispersing his herd. It did not take but one look at this herd and they realized it was the epitome of the breeding philosophy Broken Triangle Cattle Company had bred by all of these years. The decision to purchase the McKenney herd was made; it was an exciting addition because the herd was so influential in the Brahman industry and was the perfect match for the existing Broken Triangle Cattle herd.

At Broken Triangle Cattle Company, our focus is, and always will be, on females and their importance in a progressive breeding program. With the addition of the McKenney Farms cow families, both red and grey, the Broken Triangle Cattle herd is second to none in the breed. Our females combine genetics from the top programs in the breed: J.D. Hudgins, V8 Ranch, Tic Tac Toe, and Double A Ranch.

Herd bull power is still important in a successful breeding program. Our red program is led by MK Vernon 349/1, a past national and reserve international champion bull and MK Jackpot Lotto 588/8, one of the thickest, best producing red bulls in the industry. TO 12/11, a Commander son out of a 3S Ranch and Hudson Cattle Corporation bred cow, is also breeding outstanding calves.


Broken Triangle Cattle Company, Caldwell, Texas, was formed in 2001 with a select herd of red Brahman females from the Hudson Cattle Corporation genetics in Bay City, Texas. Around the same time, a small group of J.D. Hudgins bred females were added.

This small herd of cattle was bred for moderation in size, production, efficiency, structural correctness and disposition. These base females were easily recognized by any cowman as the type that would perform in any environment.

As Milton promoted his brand and operation through his extensive travels in the United States and international countries, the Broken Triangle brand became known worldwide as one of quality and integrity. We have sold over 500 embryos to Thailand, 80% red and 20% grey. In 2015 we sold a group of four Brahman bulls to Vietnam, which was the first shipment to that country since the 1970’s. We sold a group of red females to a Canada breeder and our bulls to commercial cowmen. Our females have mainly remained in our herd and are making excellent replacement females.

In our grey program, the bull power is equally impressive. JDH Echo’s Liar 519/1, an Echo son whose production has been campaigned so well by Tic Tac Toe Ranch, is doing a great job for us. Behind him is JDH Mr Manso 114/6, an own son of JDH Elmo Manso. Our females from JDH Echo’s Liar 519/1 and JDH Mr Manso 114/6 have been retained as replacement females and will be used in our program. In addition, two more J.D. Hudgins bulls were added to complement these females; JDH Sir Alcott Manso 821/8, a JDH Sir Bradford Manso son and JDH Sir Martin Manso 840/8, a JDH Beckton De Manso son.


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