BT_2016_023Since graduating from Texas A&M University in 1984, Milton has made his living and raised his family in the agricultural field. Milton’s first Brahman was purchased in 1976, and since then Milton has put his passion and knowledge into the cattle business. From early on, his parents and grandparents taught him that honesty and integrity was the most important trait, and Milton has built his reputation on this premise.

Beyond the family ranch, Milton started his ranching career working as ranch manager for Hudson Cattle Corporation in Bay City, Texas, where he led the ranch to becoming a successful, world-renowned red Brahman operation. During Milton’s 18-year tenure at Hudson, he raised many famous and influential red and grey Brahman cattle. The international and national champions produced and the customers world-wide validated the program. Milton also judged numerous cattle shows around the world while working for Hudson, and continues that passion today.

miltonandyvonneWhen the Hudson herd sold in 1999 and the property was sold in 2001, Milton and his family began a new phase in their lives. Because of the success at Hudson Cattle Corporation and the Charanza family’s love for Brahmans, they decided to continue in the business, starting with a small group of Brahman females from Hudson. Milton began consulting work for Satterfield Ranch, 3S Brahmans and Dr. Jeffrey Brown. Milton quickly realized his talents could also be used managing production and special sales, with one of his first production sales held for The Southern Brahman Group.

As time has passed and his business and relationship with Caldwell Livestock Commission in Caldwell, Texas, grew, Milton now sells more than 2,500 head of Brahmans, F1 females, and Brahman influenced females each year through various sales. Together, Broken Triangle Cattle Marketing and Caldwell Livestock Commission hold three replacement female sales per year (view schedule here). Recently, Milton's son Mitchell moved back to Caldwell and is working alongside him during the sales and on the family ranch.

Milton and his wife Yvonne are most proud and thankful for their four grandchildren: Zachary Brown; Joseph Charanza; and Zayne and Brinson Patterson.


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